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Good Day, and Welcome to my new Blog – The Square Mile. This blog space will be primarily a space for me to post regarding the four murders of the Square Mile of Glasgow, but also the regarding the ‘Fall out’ that occurred surrounding the murders.

The creation of the blog is a result of my undertaking the dissertation portion of my MLitt in Family and Local History with the University of Dundee. It is also due to the fact I have been researching the Square Mile for a good length of time, beginning with Jessie M’Lachlan. Jessie is my Great Aunt, not biological but her husband James M’Lachlan was my 3rd Great Grandmother Rebecca McLachlan’s brother. James had three half-sisters, all older, Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca. Whilst researching this set of siblings I discovered Jessie, on entering her name into google you can imagine my surprise. I went back and forth over that link a million times before letting myself get excited. It sounds strange I bet that I got excited over being related to a suspected murderess but to a family historian finding a royal or a criminal is gold dust – these are the people you will find turn up the best records. As a result, I fell down the rabbit hole, and here I am a number of years later and I just cannot tear myself away from the Square Mile!

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